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Reports Leaking Out: Biden Begged Dictator Xi Jinping to Open China’s Strategic Oil Reserves

The following article, Reports Leaking Out: Biden Begged Dictator Xi Jinping to Open China’s Strategic Oil Reserves, was first published on Flag And Cross.

When the cameras were turned off on the virtual meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, Biden begged China for help, according to multiple media reports.

Biden asked Xi to release oil reserves, which would help curb oil price increases and address Biden’s domestic political problem of soaring gasoline prices.

The South China Morning Post initially reported the conversation, citing sources it did not name.

A White House readout said Biden and Xi “discussed the importance of taking measures to address global energy supplies.”

Confirmation of the conversation, which comes amid Biden’s decisions to appease environmentalists by curbing pipelines under construction in the U.S., came from National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

“The two presidents tasked their teams to coordinate on this issue expeditiously,” Sullivan said at a Brookings Institution event Tuesday, according to Bloomberg.

No final agreement was reached on the oil issue Monday, Bloomberg reported.

China has tapped into its strategic petroleum reserves twice this year and also released gasoline and diesel fuel to address energy concerns.

But China is not alone as America begs for help dealing with oil price increases.

Biden and his aides have been asking Japan, South Korea and India to help him out by releasing their reserves, according to CNBC. Citing unnamed sources, the outlet said any potential deals are in flux, with no agreements reached.

The turnabout in the energy picture is notable, considering that the United States had achieved energy independence — producing more than it consumed — for the first time since the late 1950s, according to the Institute for Energy Research, a Washington think tank.

The Monday Biden-Xi chat did little to make former National Security Advisor John Bolton feel confident.

Do you think President Joe Biden's policies are responsible for high gas prices?

“America has no China strategy 10 months after President Biden’s inauguration. Monday’s Zoom meeting between Mr. Biden and Xi Jinping only highlighted that void. Dulcet tones and torrents of presidential words are no substitute for clear policies. Beijing could perceive White House emphasis on ‘cooling tensions’ as a green light to continue its assertive behavior,” he wrote in a Wall Street Journal commentary piece on Wednesday.

The summit was further trashed by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a commentary piece for Fox News.

Pompeo wrote that the summit showed how weak Biden is against China.

“It was Biden who acquiesced to Xi’s demand for the virtual summit, which served to legitimize the global malign acts of the Chinese Communist Party and damage America’s prestige. It was Xi who had a clear agenda of intimidating Biden, and when matched against his weakness, ended in the American president talking for talking’s sake, strengthening Xi and the Chinese, and eroding American power,” Pompeo wrote.

“The Biden approach to the CCP is based upon the fantasy that if we are more accommodating to the bully, the bully will stop being a bully. Throughout modern history, the name for that policy is called appeasement. And it has always ended badly,” he wrote.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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