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Schaftlein Report: Biden Inflation Skyrockets

The following article, Schaftlein Report: Biden Inflation Skyrockets, was first published on Flag And Cross.

1) Social Security Benefits to rise 5.9% in 2022 – The highest in 40 years – It was 1.3% in 2021 – BIDEN Inflation the cause!
2) Biden Administration working with major businesses (Fed Ex, UPS, Walmart and others along with the Longshoreman union to try and clear the ports)
*The supply chain disruption is happening every day – The other problem is a shortage of truck drivers
3) THE CUTS ARE COMING – Democrats begin to pare down their massive spending bill – On the chopping block are the following:
a. Free Community College
b. Government Housing aid
c. New Medicare benefits
d. Child Care subsidies
*Only in Washington can you spend $1.5T and call it a “Massive Spending Cut”
*Bernie Sanders is ANGRY – Doesn’t even want to be int he same room as Manchin and Sinema – “POOR BERNIE”
4) Border Fiasco – 160K Illegals have been released into the interior of the U.S.
5) Crime Wave Update – Chicago has a cop shortage of 1,600 officers – The city has 12K cops and it is not near enough
*”The police don’t want to be The Police”
6) Walgreen’s to close 5 stores in SF – We told you this would happen due to theft and looting – Where are the Democrats to stop this fiasco?
7) Crime is everywhere in NYC. “It’s the wild, wild west” “LIBERALS are Killing the City” –The person on the street
8) Hunter Biden and Joe Biden share a bank account – Is this an Influence Peddling Operation?
9) Shatner and 3 other take a space tour on Bezos Blue Origin rocket and return safely!

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