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Biden Admin Looking to Stop You from Traveling to Another State Unless You’re Vaxed

The following article, Biden Admin Looking to Stop You from Traveling to Another State Unless You’re Vaxed, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The Biden administration is looking into putting an interstate travel vaccine passport plan into place to stop Americans from traveling from state-to-state unless they are fully vaxed.

Stopping Americans from moving freely inside the U.S.A. is the most unconstitutional idea that Biden has had to date.

Republicans have already heard of Biden’s illegal plans for a fascist “papers please” plan that they have already begun attempting to head off the idea with laws that would prevent Biden from implementing vaccine passports.

“In a Wednesday speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), joined by Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah), introduced legislation that would bar the Biden administration from implementing vaccine passports requirements for interstate travel,” the Epoch Times reported on Friday.

The Prevent Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates for Interstate Commerce Act, would “prohibit several federal agencies involved in interstate commerce and travel from requiring proof of vaccination: The Department of Transportation, which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), the Surface Transportation Board, the Transportation Security Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Maritime Commission, and the Department of Commerce,” Epoch added.

“The federal government has no business imposing vaccine mandates on our people and our hardworking businesses,” Sen. Rick Scott remarked.

“The Supreme Court has already ruled that you cannot be forced to purchase insurance under the commerce clause. Why would president Biden think he could do so with a vaccine mandate?” Scott asked.

“Travel is critical to getting our economy fully reopened. America’s truckers, shippers, pilots, and delivery men and women play an important role in delivering the goods needed to keep our economy going,” he said.

“Americans are sick and tired of the government telling them what to do. And the American people are more than capable of making the right decision to protect them, their family, and their neighbors,” Scott concluded.

Preventing Americans from leaving their state is the fascist Democrat Party’s wet dream. It would stop people from fleeing the worst, most left-wing states and force them to live under Democrat tyranny.

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