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Major Louisiana Hospital System Now Forcing Employee’s Spouses to Get Vaccines, Or Else

The following article, Major Louisiana Hospital System Now Forcing Employee’s Spouses to Get Vaccines, Or Else, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Look at what is happening in Louisiana as the Ochsner Health system is now demanding that its employee’s spouses get the vaccine, too, or face penalties. If you don’t think this is how it will go everywhere unless it is topped, folks, you are fooling yourself. If you don’t think tyranny is a cancer the grows to consume and kill its host, you aren’t paying attention.

First it was, wear a mask and social distance for a few weeks t “flatten the curve.” Then it was shut down and lost pay until it was “safe” to return to work. Then it was a suggestion that you get the vaccine. Then it was a demand. Then it was, get it or be fired. Now it is your family must vax, too, or you are first fined, then fired.

See how this tyranny grows. See how they use the so-called “pandemic” to exert total control over your life?

In Louisiana, it went from wear masks, to “please get the vax,” to “here’s a $100 bonus if you did,” to you’re fired if you don’t, to you will lose $100 of pay every week if your family isn’t vaxed.

Ochsner is Louisiana’s largest health system, so what it does has far reaching consequences for other hospital systems that end up emulating Ochsner’s policies.


The “spousal COVID vaccine fee,” will begin in 2022 and could deduct up to $2,400 yearly from an employee’s bi-weekly paycheck. According to the letter, the fee is only for domestic partners or spouses, not other dependents, such as children, who are covered by the employee’s health insurance and are eligible for vaccination.

The change comes after an evaluation of plan benefits, services and costs, CEO Warner Thomas said.

“The reality is the cost of treating COVID-19, particularly for patients requiring intensive inpatient care, is expensive, and we spent more than $9 million on COVID care for those who are covered on our health plans over the last year,” said Thomas in an emailed statement.

When will the courts finally have a say in all this tyranny?

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Mark H Giles
Mark H Giles

OK, your spouse IS NOT YOUR property! You have no right to force this on him/her. No where on a marriage certificate does it include ownership or the right to make decisions like this for them!

Dotty Miller
Dotty Miller

Dictatorship at it’s finest! We are quickly becoming communists! May the Lord have mercy on us all!

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