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Taxpayers Furious as USPS Begins to Throttle Speed of Deliveries

The following article, Taxpayers Furious as USPS Begins to Throttle Speed of Deliveries, was first published on Flag And Cross.

While the United States Postal Service was one a vaunted institution in this country, known for its perseverance and can-do attitude, the organization appears to have been bludgeoned with bureaucracy to the point of no return.

As with all things governmental, the USPS is now facing the tricky budgetary balancing that comes when taxpayer dollars are your primary source of funding.  As operations expand within the USPS, often due to new regulations and the man hours needed to implement them, that tax money gets spent all too quickly.

So now, despite the fact that Americans aren’t paying any less in taxes for the USPS, we are about to get a whole lot less service.

Mail delivery for many Americans will slow starting on Friday, part of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s blueprint for overhauling the U.S. Postal Service in order to slash costs. But critics say the slower delivery standards could cause problems such as late bill delivery while more broadly undermining the public’s faith in the USPS.

Almost 4 of 10 pieces of first-class mail will see slower delivery, according to Paul Steidler, senior fellow at the Lexington Institute and an expert on the postal service. That “means mail delivery will be slower than in the 1970s,” he said, calling DeJoy’s plan “disastrous.”

Starting on October 1, the postal service’s current three-day delivery standard for first-class mail — letters, bills, tax documents and the like — will drop to delivery anywhere within the U.S. within five days. In other words, Americans should now expect that letters and other mail could take up to five days to reach their destinations, and vice versa.

And is if getting hoodwinked by the government wasn’t bad enough, these new delivery windows could wreak havoc in rural locales, particularly in cases where medicine deliveries and social security benefits are delayed by the changes.

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Old Professor
Old Professor

No surprise here. Everything the federal government touches eventually turns into a disaster. In 1913, for example, the Federal Reserve was formed to protect (preserve) the purchasing power of the dollar. How has that worked out?

Johnnie Iguess

What is the difference on October 1st, 2021? Less employees?


Starting to slow? Mail delivery has been slow for months. I get dunned for bills I’ve mailed payment to nearly two weeks previously.


Another man made shortage designed to beat the Population down, just like Hundred of container ships at anchor off every one of our Ports but due to Leftist Politics they cannot get unloaded!

RockyMtn 1776
RockyMtn 1776

Ben Franklin once said something to the effect of,” When the post office goes to Hell the nation is almost finished.”

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