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One State Now Mandating Vaccines for All K-12 Students

The following article, One State Now Mandating Vaccines for All K-12 Students, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Vaccine mandates are the most heated subject in the United States at this time, undoubtedly, and as mandates and regulations continue to expand surrounding them, there is no doubt that the temperature of our rhetoric is set to increase.

Now, in a stunning change to protocol, California will be mandating that all children, K-12, be vaccinated.

California will mandate COVID vaccines for K-12 students as each age group is fully approved to receive the vaccine, becoming the first state in the nation to require schoolchildren to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Governor Gavin Newsom made the announcement Friday morning during a press conference at Denman Middle School in San Francisco’s Balboa Park neighborhood. The COVID vaccine will be added to the list of required vaccines for students to attend in-person school.

The Governor also took some time to brag on California’s high vaccination rate.

At the briefing, Newsom noted positive trends in the state when it comes to beating back the pandemic, noting the state has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country.

“California has the lowest case rate in the United States of America. We’ve maintained that status now for some time,” Newsom said. “Not surprisingly, that’s been driven primarily by one of the nation’s leading vaccination efforts.”

The move will almost certainly bring renewed stress to school boards around the state, as concerned parents continue to express their concerns over these swiftly-created inoculations at local school board meetings.

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