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North Korea Makes Unexpected Claim During Latest Missile Test

Kim Jong Un

The following article, North Korea Makes Unexpected Claim During Latest Missile Test, was first published on Flag And Cross.

When we think of North Korea, we don’t often envision a nation cruising into the future unabated, or one whose technological prowess is on the cutting edge.  Instead, we remember watching documentaries, stealthily shot, depicting hospitals using old soda bottles to hold IV fluids, and citizens foraging grass from local parks to keep from starving.

Perhaps that is why the latest claims coming out of the hermit kingdom are so difficult to comprehend. 

North Korea said Wednesday it successfully tested a new hypersonic missile it implied was being developed as nuclear capable, as it continues to expand its military capabilities and pressure Washington and Seoul over long-stalled negotiations over its nuclear weapons.

The missile test early Tuesday was North Korea’s third round of launches this month and took place shortly before North Korea’s U.N. envoy accused the United States of hostility and demanded the Biden administration permanently end joint military exercises with South Korea and the deployment of strategic assets in the region.

South Korea, who likely has the most intimate knowledge of what their neighbors to the north are capable of, weren’t exactly impressed.
South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff assessed the missile to be at an early stage of development and said North Korea would need “considerable time” to be able to deploy it operationally.
North Korea has often used these military tests as a way to grab global headlines and then renegotiate a number of sanctions against them, and this escalation of their claims may very well be designed to do just that.

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