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REPORT: Facebook Cracks Down on Conservatives, But Allows Cartels and Traffickers to Organize on Platform


The following article, REPORT: Facebook Cracks Down on Conservatives, But Allows Cartels and Traffickers to Organize on Platform, was first published on Flag And Cross.

According to a report, Facebook has failed to take action to stop human traffickers and Mexican drug cartels from using the social media platform to organize their criminal actions even as it focuses on censoring conservatives and Trump fans.

The discovery was made after a review of Facebook documents that showed that some employees had flagged the problems but Facebook never took action to correct the problems.

Per Newsweek:

Some of the documents reportedly showed that Facebook employees raised concerns about human trafficking organizations in the Middle East that used Facebook to attract women. Other documents showed Facebook employees alerting their higher-ups of groups involved in organ selling and pornography.

The news outlet reported that while some of the groups and pages flagged by employees have been taken down, dozens of others remain active on the social media site.

Another document detailed a Facebook employee’s investigation into a Mexican drug cartel that was active on the social media site. The employee, who was a former police officer, was able to identify the Jalisco New Generation Cartel’s network of accounts on both Facebook and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

The employee wrote in the report that his team had found Facebook messages between cartel recruiters and potential recruits “about being seriously beaten or killed by the cartel if they try to leave the training camp.”

Facebook did nothing to stop these dangerous criminals from using the platform to plan their crimes.

Meanwhile, as every single conservative user of Facebook can tell you, MAGA fans and Republicans are censored nearly every time they open up their Facebook accounts.

So, as Facebook spends an inordinate amount of time clamping down on conservative, murderers, criminals, rapists, and drug pushers can use Facebook without any repercussions at all.

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Country Boy

Of course facebook allows islamic terrorists to post but not conservatives. it’s their game plan to allow islam to take over the world. Better read your bibles boys and girls. The mark of the beast is the writing on the islamic flag. You are seeing the rise of the beast. Islam is the only “religion” that is still beheading people. Here’s a quick explaination below, in a utube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4su0rYu1h8


If half of the country quits Fokbook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Costo, Boobtube, etc. someone’s going to sit up and take notice. Self loathing socialists like Suckerburg don’t deserve a penny more of your hard earned money. I dropped off after the rigged election.

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