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Watch: Biden’s Ugly Coughing Repeatedly Interrupts Entire Speech Rallying for Gavin Newsom

The following article, Watch: Biden's Ugly Coughing Repeatedly Interrupts Entire Speech Rallying for Gavin Newsom, was first published on Flag And Cross.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has choked his way through his first term in office, and on Monday, President Joe Biden coughed his way through remarks rallying against Newsom’s recall in the Golden State.

Is there anything more symbolic than that of the state of the Democratic Party both nationally and in California?

Biden spoke for roughly 15 minutes in Long Beach on Monday, KTTV reported. As is the standard for Biden, the speech was neither inspiring nor even very coherent. What stood out most were the repeated coughing interruptions.

Biden at one point attacked Republican gubernatorial challenger Larry Elder as anti-woman, anti-environment and pro-COVID. Prior to attacking Elder, Biden couldn’t make it through a sentence without a cough into his hand.

“You either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor — (cough) —or you’ll get Donald Trump. It’s not a joke,” he said.

During another awkward moment, Biden was slamming Republican-led states over bans on vaccine mandates. The president repeatedly cited a number of horrible illnesses. He displayed what some of those illnesses might look like as he coughed his way through the botched smear job.

But the entire speech was essentially memorable mainly for repetitive, ugly coughs:

Many who watched the speech online, even liberals, couldn’t help but notice Biden’s coughing — apparently more than anything he had to say about California politics.

Thanks to the huge number of mail-in ballots involved in the election, it could be days — maybe even weeks — before we know whether Newsom will remain governor for the remainder of his term, according to USA Today.

We’ll likely never know if Biden’s chronic coughing in Long Beach in any way affected the outcome.

But we now have more anecdotal evidence regarding why we see Biden less often than we did former President Donald Trump and other presidents.

Do you think Biden's coughing indicates a serious health problem?

Biden, as a man and a leader, is a complete and utter disaster.

The 78-year-old lifelong politician personifies California under Democratic Party rule. He’s a facade of empty promise, he’s wholly ineffective — or worse — and he somehow always finds a route to choke away a winning hand when it’s dealt to him.

Despite having seemingly endless resources, he does nothing, other than to burden business owners and taxpayers while showing favor toward illegal immigrants. Perhaps Biden should have been campaigning to unseat Newsom on Monday to take the governor’s job himself.

He and the state’s mostly Democratic leaders and voters would be a perfect fit for one another.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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