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Washington Teacher Tells Second Graders that Using Word ‘Girl’ is Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough

The following article, Washington Teacher Tells Second Graders that Using Word ‘Girl’ is Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A second grad teacher in Bellingham, Washington, is taking heat for telling seven-year-olds that they should not use the word “girls” because the word is not “inclusive” enough.

Parents complained about the teacher who made her comment to kids on the school’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Instagram page where she talked about how kids should introduce each other on the first day of school, according to Young America’s Foundation.

The post included a photo of the cover of a book with a young girl on the cover, and one student wrote on the Instagram post that “the girl is walking into her new classroom.” But the teacher scolded the child for saying “girl.” The teacher added that kids should use “they” instead of girl or boy.

This isn’t the first time, YAF said:

Bellingham schools are repeat offenders when it comes to leftist bias. Back in May, YAF reported on a first-grade teacher and “all ages” sex toy shop owner—yes, you heard that right—who read her class a book about a transgender child in an effort to “promote inclusion through understanding and compassion.”

Children in second grade are 8-9 years old. This is how early on leftist ideology is being thrust upon our children. Students are taught to listen to and trust their teachers—it’s no wonder America has a generation of confused young adults claiming that gender is a fluid social construct.

YAF posted images of the teacher’s post:

Once again, we see that our public schools are working to indoctrinate our kids with their woke, extremist, left-wing, bilge.

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THIS IS INSANE!!!! it was a girl who walked into the classroom… one, one girl.. NOT more than one girl… “THEY” IS FOR MORE THAN ONE… TEACHER IS STUPID!!!! They need to stop teaching these kids this garbage… we are going to have a country of confused kids growing up… Disgusting!!! The girl is walking into her classroom or She is walking into her classroom The girls are walking into their classroom or They were walking into their classroom an incorrect sentence would be They is walking into her classroom – sounds stupid don’t it – it is stupid… saying… Read more »


How about “penis bearers” or “vagina bearers” ? Will that keep the ‘woke-jokers’ happpy?

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