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CATASTROPHE: Apocalyptic Images Emerge from Hurricane Ida

The following article, CATASTROPHE: Apocalyptic Images Emerge from Hurricane Ida, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Sixteen years ago this week, America was undergoing a heart-wrenching experience.  We were just beginning to understand the devastation that Hurricane Katrina brought to the city of New Orleans, as we got our first glimpses of that massive, category 3 storm’s power.

Last night, New Orleans once again faced Mother Nature’s fury, as Hurricane Ida, a category 4 storm, smashed into The Big Easy, creating some perilous rescue situations for the days ahead.

Russel L. Honoré,the former commander of Joint Task Force for Hurricane Katrina,explained to CNN’s Kate Bolduan today the two important steps that need to happen next for Louisiana. The first thing, he said, is to get the roads open because those currently without utilities will want to evacuate.

“You can’t sustain families where there’s no drinking water and or toilets flushed,because you don’t have electricity, and you do not have comms. If you do not have communications you can’t coordinate, if you can’t coordinate, you can’t collaborate, and you can’t get the stuff where you need it,” Honoré explained. Once the roads are open, the next key tactic will be the government getting gasoline to those areas. “You’ve got to get gas to Louisiana so people can do the search and rescues, the hospitals can stay open, and they can get the critical infrastructure open that pumps drinking water, and pumps out sewage,” Honoré said.

The destruction could be seen all over social media on Monday.

More than a million people are without power in Louisiana at this time, and cellular service has been reduced to less than half of its normal volume for some carriers.

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