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Animal Center Tells Heartbreaking Story: Pup’s Injuries ‘Suggest Someone Held Her Head Down with Their Shoe’ and Shot Her

The following article, Animal Center Tells Heartbreaking Story: Pup's Injuries 'Suggest Someone Held Her Head Down with Their Shoe' and Shot Her, was first published on Flag And Cross.

When an injured animal comes to a shelter, it can be difficult to tell whether the injuries were accidental or intentional.

There are certainly patterns and signs that point to specific causes — most professionals can tell when a dog has been hit by a car, for example — but it’s the purposeful, human-inflicted abuse that hits us hardest.

When a 5-month-old puppy came into the care of the SPCA of Wake County, North Carolina, there was a story written in her wounds.

As veterinarians assessed the puppy, they may not have uncovered every detail of her past, but they got the gist of her heartbreaking tale.

The pup was called Tessa, and on Wednesday the SPCA shared her story and sent out a plea for help.

“Tessa’s veterinary assessment shocked us,” the group wrote on Facebook. “The bullet fragments in this 5-month-old puppy’s leg and the injuries to her face suggest someone held her head down with their shoe as they pulled the trigger.

“But now Tessa is safe with SPCA Wake and on the road to recovery. Our job now is to heal Tessa’s wounds and show her for the first time that people are a source of unconditional love — but we need your help.

“Please consider making a gift (of any size) … to help provide the veterinary care Tessa needs to begin healing, in her leg and in her heart.

“We can’t be sure what she’s been through in her 5 months of life, but with your support, we can ensure her future will be far brighter, safer, and filled with the love she deserves. We will keep you updated on her progress as she begins her recovery.”

Over a hundred people commented on the post expressing their disappointment that humans can be so cruel and extending their best wishes and thanks to the SPCA for handling Tessa’s case.

So far, over $3,000 has been donated to the SPCA to help Tessa heal, and several people have expressed interest in adopting the dog.

In response to the adoption inquiries, the shelter said Tessa would have to go through treatment first.

It’s unclear if an investigation is currently underway, as the SPCA doesn’t handle that aspect of the case.

“Investigation falls under the umbrella of law enforcement, so the animal control jurisdiction where she was found should have a case/investigation going for this sweet girl,” the group explained.

Thankfully, this puppy made it to a safe place where she will receive care and love. When the time is right, she’ll be able to go home with one of the adoptive families already lining up to welcome her into their lives.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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