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Judge Flummoxes Florida Governor, Nullifying His Ban on School Mask Mandates

The following article, Judge Flummoxes Florida Governor, Nullifying His Ban on School Mask Mandates, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has long been in a strange place, as it pertains to the coronavirus pandemic.

You see, DeSantis is a rising star in the Republican Party, who will very likely give some serious consideration to running for President in 2024.  As such, he has a bit of an obligation to appear consistent, and maybe even a little bit stubborn, in his policies.  This is how voters will know that he’s a man of his word, and a guy who likes to see things out to the end.

Unlike President Joe Biden who’s decision to speed-flee our way out of Afghanistan is not going over so well.

But I digress.

In the case of DeSantis’ bulldoggish attitude toward favoring freedom of choice in the pandemic, the Florida lawmaker has taken a ton of political heat, specifically over his decree that school could not mandate that their students wear masks.

A state judge is now declaring DeSantis’ order nullified. 

School districts in Florida may impose mask mandates, a judge said Friday, ruling that Gov. Ron DeSantis overstepped his authority by issuing an executive order banning the mandates, per the AP. Leon County Circuit Judge John C. Cooper agreed with a group of parents who claimed in a lawsuit that DeSantis’ order is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced. The governor’s order gave parents the sole right to decide if their child wears a mask at school. Cooper said DeSantis’ order “is without legal authority.” His decision came after a three-day virtual hearing, and after at least 10 Florida school boards voted to defy DeSantis and impose mask requirements with no parental opt-out.

DeSantis had been in a very public feud with President Joe Biden on the subject as well, with the Commander in Chief threatening to sic the Department of Education on the Sunshine State Governor should the anti-mask-mandate order be enforced.

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