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DC Judges Pushing Harsher Punishments for Capitol Rioters

The following article, DC Judges Pushing Harsher Punishments for Capitol Rioters, was first published on Flag And Cross.

When it comes to the events of January 6th, 2021, (which was somehow still less than 8 months ago), the American electorate has an incredibly, almost unbelievably wide spectrum of opinions.  These thoughts rage from the manic, (this was nearly the end of the US as we know it), to the mundane, (this was little more than a tourist visit).

These opinions vary vastly, but almost indubitably fall down lines of political affiliation, and Americans from coast to coast have a propensity for getting heated on the subject.

This includes some in the court system, who are now pushing for those involved to face harsher punishments than they have thus far.

Judges are asking prosecutors why defendants aren’t paying more to cover the cost of damage to the Capitol, why the court can’t order additional supervision of many defendants beyond a brief prison term and why more do not face heftier charges.

Judges have also pressured defendants to explain why they were in the building that day and express contrition, even if their plea agreements do not require such admissions.

And specifically…

Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell has suggested more people should face the felony charge of obstructing the official certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

“Does the government . . . have any concern about deterrence?” Howell asked in one hearing after questioning whether prosecutors were truly unable to prove that a man who entered a broken window and bragged that he “stormed the Capitol” committed a more serious crime than what the government charged.

The news will almost certainly rile some of the far-right congressional Republicans, some of whom have already suggested that those being held in the case are “political prisoners”.

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The erection was a true peaceful protest, until the murder of a defenseless white woman by Pelosi’s police.

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