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Polling Shows Americans are Furious Over Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle

The following article, Polling Shows Americans are Furious Over Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Judging by the televised chaos alone, it’s easy to see that President Joe Biden’s decision to expedite the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is not going well.  In fact, there is a very real argument for this being one of the top diplomatic disasters of the last several decades.

Now, with no earthly idea as to whether or not the US will even be able to evacuate all of the Americans and allies still in Afghanistan before the Taliban closes the airport in less than a week’s time, there is new polling that demonstrates just how little confidence the American people have in the Biden administration.

A Wednesday poll reveals only 24 percent of registered voters believe President Joe Biden’s Afghan withdrawal is going “very well” or “somewhat well,” according to Morning Consult/Politico.

When respondents were asked, “How well, if at all, do you think the withdrawal of U.S. military presence in Afghanistan is going?”

  • 8 percent – very well

  • 16 percent – somewhat well

  • 23 percent – not too well

  • 44 percent – not well at all

And that wasn’t all:

Respondents were also asked, “Do you believe the U.S. should still withdraw its military presence in Afghanistan if it means…? the Taliban regains control of most of Afghanistan.”

  • 22 percent – yes, definitely should still withdraw

  • 25 percent – yes, probably should still withdraw

  • 17 percent – no, probably should not still withdraw

  • 22 percent – no, no, definitely should not still withdraw

The news comes on the heels of another polling problem for the embattled US President, who has seen his approval rating slide dramatically in recent days.

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Hey folks, if you’re old enough, you might recall the long hostage crisis over 52 Americans held prisoner in Iran. Pretty soon we’ll see how Creepy Joe’s new hostage crisis works out for the thousands of Americans who will be left stranded in Afghanistan.

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