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Taliban Renege on Travel Deal, Will Block Airport Road Ahead of Deadline

The following article, Taliban Renege on Travel Deal, Will Block Airport Road Ahead of Deadline, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The mess in Afghanistan just got a whole lot messier, and only hours ahead of US President Joe Biden’s doubling down on his decision to stick to an August 31 deadline for total withdrawal.

Concerns over Biden’s choice have been raining down from around the world, as global leaders fear, (just as Americans do), that the effort to evacuate US personnel and our allies from Afghanistan cannot possibly be completed in a week’s time.

And now, to further complicate the matter, the Taliban are refusing to allow their own people to leave the country, should they choose to.

Taliban have blocked the road leading to Kabul Airport, the terrorist group’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, has stated.

The spokesperson added that from now on, only foreign nationals will be allowed to travel to the airport – the only way out of the country not involving crossing Taliban checkpoints.

Mujahid called on Afghanis, who had flocked into the Kabul airport, its premises and even airstrip in hopes of escaping Taliban’s rule, to return home. “We guarantee their security”, he added.

The Taliban spokesman further urged Afghans, especially those employed in the spheres of health care, education, and traffic regulation, to return to their work with the exception of women, for whom the group is planning to issue a set of rules they will have to follow in order to have jobs.

The move is likely meant to prevent Afghanistan’s best and brightest from leaving the nation, and to preserve what is left of the nation’s medical, technological, and scientific fields.

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Is anyone stupid enough to trust a terrorist ?

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