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Judge Makes an Example of Proud Boys Leader with Harsh Sentence

The following article, Judge Makes an Example of Proud Boys Leader with Harsh Sentence, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The Proud Boys, and other far-right groups, will be coming under heavy scrutiny in the coming weeks and months, as a number of court cases stemming from the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol play out before us.

Hundreds upon hundreds of arrests have been made by the FBI in the case, with perhaps several hundred more yet to be identified and apprehended.  Of them, few are more notable than Enrique Tarrio, de fact “leader” of the Proud Boys, who was arrested ahead of the event.

Barrio this week learned his fate, and it certainly appears as though the judge in the case was looking to make a point.

The leader of the Proud Boys extremist group was sentenced to more than five months in jail on Monday for burning a Black Lives Matter banner that was torn down from a historic Black church in downtown Washington and bringing two high-capacity firearm magazines into the nation’s capital days shortly before the Jan. 6 riot.

Apologize as he may, the judge would not take it easy.

Enrique Tarrio told the court he was “profusely” sorry for his actions, calling them a “grave mistake.”

“What I did was wrong,” Tarrio said during the hearing held via videoconference.

Tarrio, from Miami, was arrested as he arrived in Washington two days before thousands of supporters of then-President Donald Trump — including members of the Proud Boys — descended on the U.S. Capitol and disrupted the certification of the Electoral College vote. Tarrio was ordered to stay away from Washington, and law enforcement later said Tarrio was picked up in part to help quell potential violence.

The sentence was on the high end of the spectrum for the case, leading many to wonder if other January 6th cases could see a similarly harsh outcome.

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