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Auburn University Says Even Most Basic Christian Ideals are ‘Offensive’

The following article, Auburn University Says Even Most Basic Christian Ideals are ‘Offensive’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

According to reports, activists at Alabama’s Auburn University have decided that even the most basic Christian and conservative ideals are now entirely “offensive” and “concerning” in today’s society.

The College Fix reported about a video of the Auburn SGA’s senate meeting from July 12.

The meeting resulted in the denial of junior Stephen Morris for a position on the Student Government Association (SGA) because he had posted normal, everyday conservative and Christian thoughts on social media.

In the video, three black students said they oppose Morris’ nomination when vice president Cole Callahan called for an open forum.

“I just feel like if someone can trivialize, like, poverty to things, like, marriage and abstaining to, like, abstaining to have sex or finishing high school, like, I don’t, I can’t see how they’re trying to, how they can be in that position [of chief justice],” said a student named Dionne. “And just other things they have said, especially their stance on Black Lives Matter, saying hate speech doesn’t exist. Like, how can you be a chief justice and not think hate speech doesn’t exist? Like, that doesn’t make sense.”

Two other black students, Brandan Belser and Sydney Williams, fully agreed with Dionne’s assertions. Belser was upset about how Morris once posted a tweet that called race rioters and Black Lives Matter terrorists “inhuman animals” for saying that the lives of police don’t matter.

The liberal students also cited other tweets Morris made:

Now even the most common right of center ideas are evil.

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