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Entire Police Department Shut Down on Account of COVID

The following article, Entire Police Department Shut Down on Account of COVID, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The latest coronavirus numbers here in the United States are not trending in the right direction, and it’s beginning to have a serious impact on life.

First and foremost, there are the issues with hospital resources and crowding that have seen Americans transported across states lines in order to receive treatment.

Now, in a stunning hit to public amenities, an entire police department in the midwest is shuttered on account of the viral epidemic.

All three cops and the chief of police in Venice, a town of 2,100 outside St. Louis, have contracted the bug, forcing the department to shut down as they complete mandatory 10-day quarantines, Mayor Tyrone Echols told the Belleville News-Democrat Thursday.

“I think it’s everybody except for possibly two dispatchers,” Echols said of the department’s impacted employees, including Police Chief Theo Adams.

“He sounded pretty rough,” Echols said of the town’s top cop.

But that wouldn’t leave the people of Venice unprotected.

Venice will be patrolled by Illinois State Police and other law enforcement agencies throughout Madison County until its officers return to duty.

The outbreak began last week and quickly spread throughout the small-town squad.


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Arek Petrosian
Arek Petrosian

Okay, not to minimize the pain and suffering of these officers, but really, this is hilarious. The title of the article “Entire Police Department Shut Down..” and it’s four people…


LOL! I thought the same thing and then read you response and it cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh! And like you, not minimizing the ‘pain’.


These police officers should be contacting the Front Line Doctors online and seeing whom they can contact in their state to get either Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine so they can recover quickly and without issues. A friend of mine got the virus and I told her about a natural means of healing from a doc who had put it out there and she was back to work in FOUR days!!! Completely healed! A high vitamin dose of A,C, and D3 taken at various times and a nebulizer with saline solution and some food grade peroxide and iodine. DO NOT try this… Read more »

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