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Mike Lindell Blasts Expert Who Claims He Debunked 2020 Election Claims

The following article, Mike Lindell Blasts Expert Who Claims He Debunked 2020 Election Claims, was first published on Flag And Cross.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is certain that Donald Trump had the 2020 election stolen from him, so much so that he’s even offered a $5 million reward to anyone that can irrefutably prove him wrong.

The debate over the 2020 election has been ongoing for months now, despite a number of have lawsuits against Lindell and others in which Dominion Voting Systems is seeking well over a billion dollars in damages for defamation.

Now, after a a cybersecurity expert believes that he has satisfied Lindell’s requirements to claim the hefty reward, Lindell is lashing out. 

Bill Alderson is a longtime cybersecurity professional specializing in packet captures — the exact type of data Lindell claimed to be in possession of — and attended the pillow maven’s “cyber symposium out of a legitimate desire to “discover the truth.” A longtime Republican, Alderson said he supported Donald Trump in 2020 and told Lindell when he was invited to the event, “I’d love to prove you right.”

But Alderson didn’t.

Lindell has long claimed to be in possession of a large set of network data from the 2020 election, saved as packet captures, or .pcap files. He’s even claimed that it contained every vote cast last November.

Not so, says Alderson. It took roughly 45 minutes for him to see that the data given to him and the dozens of other experts in attendance was bunk — not only did it fail to prove anything about the accuracy of the 2020 election, but the files weren’t even in the right format.

“P-CAPs adhere to an international standard,” Alderson said, and include information like the date a file was created and an IP address. But Lindell’s data, shared as text files, had none of that. In fact, it was saved in hexadecimal format — despite the fact that packet captures use binary code.

He even sent a 10-page letter to Lindell’s attorney Wednesday outlining each part of the agreement and how he was able to meet the requirements.

Lindell wasn’t having it.

This prompted Lindell to lash out during an interview with Steve Bannon on the right-wing network “Real America’s Voice,” calling Alderson a “hostile” actor and claiming that he had looked at the “wrong” information.

“It had nothing to do with my data,” Lindell said.

“The whole rumor going around the symposium was that this data is not from the 2020 election,” Lindell said. “Well, the whole challenge was to validate data from the 2020 November election.”

Lindell maintains that he still has the information needed to invalidate the 2020 election, but has not yet found a court willing to hear his case.

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