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Twitter Gives Taliban a Pass While Trump Remains Banned


The following article, Twitter Gives Taliban a Pass While Trump Remains Banned, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Twitter has already been on the receiving end of a great deal of criticism over their indefinite suspension of former President Donald Trump, and their latest allowances aren’t going to be gaining them any favor either.

Twitter’s suspension of the then-sitting Commander in Chief was a shot across the bow of the First Amendment, setting the platform up to steer the global political conversation any which way that they choose.

And some of their choices at the moment seem downright despicable.

Unlike former President Donald Trump, the faces and voices of the reconstituted Taliban regime in Afghanistan can apparently tweet to their hearts’ content.

In a statement obtained by Mediaite Tuesday, Twitter ducked the question of whether it would bar representatives of the Islamic fundamentalist government from getting their message out 280 characters at a time — saying only that it would “continue to proactively enforce” its rules outlawing the “glorification of violence, platform manipulation and spam.”

“Twitter’s top priority is keeping people safe, and we remain vigilant,” the statement added.

But how safe can we be when the Taliban continue to command such a massive audience?

Both official Taliban spokesmen have unverified accounts on Twitter. One, Zabihullah Mujahid, has more than 310,000 followers. His most recent tweet as of Tuesday afternoon promoted a press conference by Taliban leaders and drew hundreds of responses, many of them from well-wishers.

“Dear Zabihullah Mujahid Saib, First of all, I welcome you and then congratulate you on the complete liberation of Afghanistan,” read a typical message.

The other spokesman, Qari Yousaf Ahmadi, has more than 63,000 followers, and gained notoriety during the recent fighting for tweeting reports about the capture of various cities as the Taliban swept through the Afghan countryside.

Things could get even more interesting in 2024, as Donald Trump’s presumptive run for the White House could bring increased pressure to the platform’s First Amendment fiasco.

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