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Lindsey Graham Torches State Department Over Afghanistan Disaster

Lindsey Graham

The following article, Lindsey Graham Torches State Department Over Afghanistan Disaster, was first published on Flag And Cross.

None of this is okay.  There is no silver lining and no bright side, and it’s highly doubtful that greener grass exists within seven ZIP codes of this situation.

No, the Biden administration’s handling of the American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is wholly and unequivocally unacceptable, and has fallen far below the standard that our nation should be holding itself to.  We cannot be a bastion of freedom in this world when we simply step out of the way and allow Taliban terrorists to institute their extremist ideology on a national level.

And it’s because of these failures that Senator Lindsey Graham is looking for heads to roll.

The South Carolina senator took aim at Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman’s performance during Wednesday’s press conference, saying he couldn’t “believe” his ears when Sherman “went through all of her efforts to improve the lives of Afghan women going back to 1997 and now believes that those words matter.”

“The Biden Administration has abandoned Afghan women!” Graham tweeted. “The fate that awaits Afghan women, at the hands of the Taliban, is a direct result of the Biden Administration’s failure to adequately plan for an ill-conceived withdrawal.”

And then…

Graham called Sherman’s words touting “how much she cares for Afghan women” amid the controversy surrounding the Biden administration for their botched troop withdrawal “beyond shameless” and said it was time for a shake-up at the Department of State.

“The best thing that can happen for Afghan women is if those in charge of this debacle at the State Department resign and be replaced by more competent individuals,” Graham tweeted.

The situation in Afghanistan is turning unfathomable, and has only been exacerbated by the Biden administration’s unsatisfactory response, which has not only taken several days to materialize, but was wholly unconvincing at best once it did arrive.

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