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Liz Cheney Blames Trump for Biden’s Loss in Afghanistan

The following article, Liz Cheney Blames Trump for Biden’s Loss in Afghanistan, was first published on Flag And Cross.

If there was any doubt left that Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney’s feeling regarding former President Donald Trump, they can now be cast aside with aplomb.

The longtime thorn in Trump’s side has now taken an unconscionable position on the former President’s legacy, boldly suggesting that No. 45 is somehow responsible for what has occurred in Afghanistan this week…which just so happens to be seven months removed from the last time that he was even in office.

From an appearance on ABC’s This Week:

Guest anchor Jon Karl asked, “Ultimately, this is President Biden’s decision. He is the one who called for this withdrawal, is going forward with it. This didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was President Trump who negotiated the agreement with the Taliban to have a complete withdraw that was supposed to have by May 1st. Who bears responsibility?”

Cheney said, “Absolutely President Biden bears responsibility for making the decision. There’s no question that President Trump, his administration, Secretary Pompeo, they bear very significant responsibility for this. They walked down this path of legitimizing the Taliban, perpetuating this fantasy, telling the American people that the Taliban were partners in peace. President Trump told us the Taliban was going to fight terror. Secretary Pompeo told us the Taliban was going to renounce al Qaeda. The Taliban released prisoners across Afghanistan. There’s real concern they’re not just fighters in those prisons who will join the battle in Afghanistan, but the terrorists globally will be fed new soldiers for that fight. The delegitimization of the Afghan government — at one point, president trump said they would invite the Taliban to Camp David. ”

She was then goaded again…

Karl interjected, “On September 11.”

Cheney said, “Yes. This disaster certainly began— look, the notion of we will end endless wars, that campaign slogan, what we’re watching in Afghanistan is what happens when America withdraws from the world. Everyone who has been saying America needs to withdraw well we’re getting a devastating, catastrophic  real timeless lesson in what that means.”

Cheney’s willingness to ignore the last half-year of history has outed her as an unrepentant anti-Trumper, however, and her opinions will forever be stained by that fact.

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The sooner we no longer hear Liz Cheney’s name the better off we will be. She is a traitor to the Republican Party and thus might just as well declare herself a liberal Democrat. She has let her hatred for President Trump control every waking moment of her miserable life. Liz, go away to never be heard from again. Bye.

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