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90% of the Nation Should Now Be Wearing Masks, According to CDC

The following article, 90% of the Nation Should Now Be Wearing Masks, According to CDC, was first published on Flag And Cross.

With the delta variant of COVID-19 continuing to make headlines around the country, state and local officials from coast to coast have some tough decisions to make.

The highly contagious offshoot of the O.G. coronavirus tends to carry a heavier viral load than its predecessor, and is simply ravaging certain pockets of the country – particularly among the unvaccinated, but with breakthrough infections also occurring within the inoculated.

The sudden uptick in cases has many wondering if mask requirements or vaccine mandates are going to be coming down from on-high, or, worse, that fresh lockdowns are on the horizon.

This week, the CDC released some shocking data that could push some local authorities to take action. 

he quickly spreading delta variant of the coronavirus has lifted most US counties into infection rates that necessitate the wearing of masks indoors, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. “Over 90% of counties in the United States are experiencing substantial or high transmission,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC director, said at a briefing Thursday, CNBC reports. Under CDC guidelines, vaccinated and unvaccinated people now should wear masks indoors. The agency tweaked its recommendations two weeks ago to this standard. In Vermont, for example, that means people in 9 of the 14 counties should mask up, per VTDigger.

The numbers do appear a bit concerning.

The CDC counted 132,384 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, Walensky said. That put the seven-day average around 113,000 cases per day, up almost 24% from the week before. Hospital admissions rose about 31% over the previous week, to about 9,700 per day.

In some southern states, hospitals are beginning to strain under the influx of patients.  In western Louisiana, it was reported that hospitals had reached capacity and that patients were being transported to Texas for treatment.

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