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Leftists Attacking Liberals Because Marijuana Not ‘Green Enough’

The following article, Leftists Attacking Liberals Because Marijuana Not ‘Green Enough’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

For 50 years, liberals have hoped beyond hope that marijuana would become plentiful and normal. But now that it has, leftist progressives want to end it because it isn’t green enough. Now this is a cat fight that should warm the heart of every conservative.

As state after state has bowed to the left to institute the legalization of pot, it has become clear that mass cultivation of the drug has become what greenies fear is an environmental nightmare. So, now progressives are souring on pot over the environmental issue.

The prof of the conflict comes from Politico which recently published a story entitled, “An inconvenient truth (about weed).”

Politico noted that greenies fear that cannabis production and its “carbon emissions have never posed a bigger threat to the climate.”

The growth of pot has made it “one of the most energy-intensive crops in the nation … as states increasingly embrace marijuana, a growing source of greenhouse gases is going essentially unnoticed by climate hawks on Capitol Hill.”

Greenies point out that pot eats up a lot of energy to produce. The special lighting can cost as much as 2,000 of electricity per square meter. This, Politico says, is 40 times what it takes to grow lettuce indoors.

Politico added:

  • researchers estimate that Massachusetts’ new blaze industry accounted for 10% of the state’s entire industrial electricity consumption last year
  • a study reported that the energy required to grow enough bud for a single joint (one gram) was equivalent to the energy used to drive a fuel-efficient car 20 miles
  • another report out of Europe found that each average indoor grow operation uses more power than 14 typical homes
  • the illegal drug market goes through fossil fuels at an even greater clip, “using standalone generators or stealing power from neighbors to fuel their operations.”

And greenies say that as pot grows in popularity, the environmental problems will just get worse.

This is setting u a battle between the pot-head left and the greenies that aims to become a major war.

And it couldn’t be funnier.

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