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Elon Musk’s Latest SpaceX Plans Draw Heavy Criticism

The following article, Elon Musk’s Latest SpaceX Plans Draw Heavy Criticism, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As we inch ever closer to the digital dystopia that we’ve conjured for ourselves, we are beginning to see the first inklings of the over-stimulation that we will suffer from in the not-so-distant future.

There are screens everywhere, all vying for our attention as the barely-tangible industry of online advertising competes with and cannibalizes itself in the name of the almighty dollar.  We are truly and utterly being bombarded with content, and there is no doubt that a number of our descendants will suffer from all manner of issues of the psyche on account of it.

Worse still:  It appears as though there is no end in sight, and no place too remote to push the invasive industry forward.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has been criticised over plans that would see his SpaceX company launch a satellite displaying billboard ads into space.

Proposals were revealed earlier this week which would see SpaceX teaming up with Canadian tech startup Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) on its CubeSat project.

The satellite would have a massive screen on one side where people can bid to have their logos and advertisements displayed and could even be launched as soon as early 2022.

According to Samuel Reid, CEO and co-founder of GEC, the company will pay SpaceX to launch an advertisement satellite into low-Earth orbit (LEO).

The very idea conjures scenes from science fiction movies in which our flying passengers are staring out of the side of their futurists vehicles, being washed in the neon glow of capitalism run amok.

But, when it boils down to it, Elon Musk is very much the embodiment of capitalism run amok anyhow.

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