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Allen West Dismantles TX Governor’s Race During Schaftlein Report Appearance

The following article, Allen West Dismantles TX Governor’s Race During Schaftlein Report Appearance, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As goes Texas, so goes the United States.

The Lone Star State is something else, all right, with a very particular sort of pride to call their own.  Without a doubt the most independent locale in the union, Texas can be personified as the sort of leader that a group of friends looks to when things get real.  She’ll be the first state to get going when the tough get going, as the old adage says.

Texas is the wise elder statesmen sitting at the head of the table, and when we get a chance to learn from Téjas, we really ought to listen.

And that’s why the leadership out there can’t be stale.  This is why fresh ideas should be a staple of the diet of the menu, from Houston to Hill Country, and from El Paso to the Oklahoma border.

Lt. Col. Allen West, a noted and revered Republican with plenty of valuable experience in Texas, knows what it takes to gather the trust and respect of this unique populace, and he laid out his case for the governorship on The Schaftlein Report on Monday night.


From the get-go, Lt. Col. West expressed the ethos of his run, stating that he wasn’t running against current TX Governor Greg Abbott, but for the people of Texas.  There is truly no purer political belief than that.

West was also quick to point out that the Biden administration’s negligence on the issues of the border has risen to the level of a constitutional crisis, as the unimpeded border crossings constitute a threat to the rights on Americans from coast to coast.

Then, when confronted with the situation regarding the Texas state democrats who fled the state in order to interfere with the legislative process, West was savage with his verbiage, suggesting that the idea of absconding with the responsibility of the people’s vote was “unconscionable”.

Later in the video, West was quick to suggest that the fleeing Texas Democrats that sabotaged the voter bill were exactly AWOL – a designation that won’t find them any favor among patriots.

One can only imagine, at this point, that the Texas Democrats are finding themselves questioning just what sort of impact that they’ll have on today’s ultra-political situation.

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