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Jim Acosta’s Variant-Naming Stunt Draws Stern Criticism

Jim Acosta

The following article, Jim Acosta’s Variant-Naming Stunt Draws Stern Criticism, was first published on Flag And Cross.

There are no shortage of short-sighted digs and jabs being employed by the leftist media these days, as they ignore Joe Biden’s constant declarations of “unity” and “healing” in order to push their agenda of division and angst.

There’s no denying it, and the networks themselves aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.  They’ve lost sight of journalism, as it sails way out away into the distance, and they’ve fallen victim to the allure of instant gratification and ratings.

There is no news to be found on cable – just infotainment masquerading as fact.

And in this pursuit, there is no better way to get attention, (and thusly make money), than by being overtly sensational and offensive in your narrative.

Cue CNN’s Jim Acosta…

Viewers ripped CNN’s Jim Acosta this weekend for suggesting that at least one of the new variants of the coronavirus be named the “DeSantis variant,” claiming Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has prolonged the pandemic for not enforcing mask mandates and other restrictive measures.

“People should not have to die so some people can own the libs,” Acosta said on Saturday. “But they may end up owning the pandemic, because they’re prolonging it.”

And then things got personal.

Acosta declared it was time to rename the delta variant after the Florida governor.

“Instead of the delta variant, why not call it the DeSantis variant?” Acosta asked. “We could sell beer koozies that say ‘Don’t Florida My Fauci,’ and use the money to help pay for all of the funerals in the days to come.”

The Governor’s office said through a spokesperson that Acosta’s comments have verified their belief that CNN is likely “afraid” of DeSantis.

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You could probably get your way if we were fully communist, so give it another Term!

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