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Florida Vaccine Passport Ban Gutted by Federal Judge

The following article, Florida Vaccine Passport Ban Gutted by Federal Judge, was first published on Flag And Cross.

In the State of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is very concerned about freedom.  The rising Republican star has long made sure to protect his citizens from what he sees as governmental and societal overreaches, particularly in the realm of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this pursuit, DeSantis has made some enemies, including in the travel industry, as cruise ships look to resume operations from the Sunshine State in the coming weeks.

The Governor has ordered that no entity doing business within the state of Florida can require customers to show proof of their vaccination.  This has led the state and one particular cruise line down a litigious path that is currently trending in the direction of the cruise line.

A federal judge on Sunday night granted Norwegian Cruise Line’s request to temporarily block a Florida law banning cruise companies from asking passengers for proof of coronavirus vaccination before they board a ship.

U.S. District Judge Kathleen Williams granted the preliminary injunction in a lawsuit challenging the state’s “vaccine passport” ban, which was signed into law in May by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

In a nearly 60-page ruling, the judge said Florida failed to “provide a valid evidentiary, factual, or legal predicate” for banning vaccination proof. Williams also said the cruise line company “has demonstrated that public health will be jeopardized if it is required to suspend its vaccination requirement.”

The fight is far from over, however, and DeSantis will likely continue to push back against what he see as the first moves in a game of tyranny.

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John Sullivan

In this case I am on the side of the cruise lines in that they are private companies and have to comply with the immigration and health laws of every country they visit.

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