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MUST SEE: Dixie Fire in California Makes Historic Jump in Size


The following article, MUST SEE: Dixie Fire in California Makes Historic Jump in Size, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Over the course of the last several years, Californians have been dealing with an incredible amount of devastating wildfires, leaving their Democratically-controlled state government with a tarnished, (and toasted), reputation.

The latest fire in the Golden State has now ballooned in size, and is making history in the process, as a great many within its path continue to refuse to evacuate.

The Dixie Fire, now the third-largest wildfire in California’s history, is still raging across the tinder-dry forest of the Sierra Nevada. In its wake, the town of Greenville has been reduced to scattered bricks and crumpled sheets of metal.

Five people are missing, but some residents in Taylorsville, just 10 miles southeast, have refused to heed evacuation orders.

Instead, on Friday, they gathered at the Taylorsville Tavern, the town’s only bar, for a beer.

“I’m not going to leave,” said Susan Doran, 71, who sat in the smoky haze at the tavern, beside her partner, Pete Neer, a rancher. The two said they could not abandon their animals. Their emergency plan was to leave their old wooden house and escape into the paddock, Doran added, where they believed they would be safe among the cows.

But that idea was not well received by first responders.

“They’re at great risk,” said Jeff Gillette, a firefighter and spokesperson for the Dixie Fire as he stood outside the fire base in Quincy, a town 130 miles north of Sacramento that has become a base for firefighters facing the blazes across Plumas County.

“We have to go in and save those people,” he added. “Just like Greenville.”

Images from the fire were simply astounding.

The fire is believed to have begun when a tree fell onto a power line and ignited.



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