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Poll: Hispanics Don’t Like ‘Latinx,’ the Left’s New Name for Them


The following article, Poll: Hispanics Don’t Like ‘Latinx,’ the Left’s New Name for Them, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A new poll finds that Hispanic people don’t like the absurd term “Latinx” that the left has begun using. The same poll found that blacks don’t really mind being called blacks, either.

The new Gallup poll found that blacks don’t have any real preference between “black” and “African America.”

According to the poll, 17 percent preferred “African American,” and 17 percent favored “black.”

But 58 percent said it doesn’t matter.

According to Gallup:

Although the term “African American” was used as early as 1782, it was popularized in the late 1980s by a group of Black leaders, including Rev. Jesse Jackson, who argued that this term had “cultural integrity.” But like Gallup’s findings today, the Black public mostly had no preference between the two terms in the early 1990s and the following decades, while similarly sized minorities preferred one over the other.

But, while blacks don’t have too many preferences, Hispanics had bigger problems with the left’s new names.

Hispanics were mostly OK with either “Hispanic” or “Latino,” but they seem to hate the left’s new “Latinx” nonsense.

Most Hispanic adults (57%) say it does not matter to them which term is used, though nearly one in four (23%) prefer “Hispanic” and 15% prefer “Latino.” Few expressed a preference for “Latinx” (4%).

In the follow-up question in which Hispanic respondents were asked which term they lean toward, most prefer “Hispanic” (57%), while more than a third choose “Latino” (37%). Five percent prefer “Latinx.”

The bottom line:

As for the terms “Black” and “African American,” however, both terms have been accepted by most Black Americans for at least three decades — though sizable and roughly equal, minorities of Black adults have had a preference for one of the terms in particular. Today, when they must choose one, “Black” enjoys a slight preference, though many opt for “African American” as well.

Most Hispanic Americans, too, are content with the use of multiple terms to describe their subgroup. Most favor “Hispanic,” though many prefer “Latino,” while few have adopted “Latinx” as their preferred term. Gallup’s historical polls illustrate the extent to which preferences can change over time, however, and future updates will tell if this new, lesser-used term is on the rise — and also if even newer labels have emerged to rival it.

The poll was taken from June 1 to July 5.

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