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Democrats Want to Throw Unvaccinated Americans off Unemployment

The following article, Democrats Want to Throw Unvaccinated Americans off Unemployment, was first published on Flag And Cross.

In yet another page in the Democrat “sign of the beast” saga, the left now wants to cancel your eligibility for government programs, including unemployment, unless you take the experimental coronavirus vaccine.

KHOU’s Mia Salenetri recently reported that someone who refuses the shot can legally be fired. And as it happens, those fired for cause do not qualify for unemployment.

“Some who refuse [shots] may be looking forward to the support of unemployment benefits while they look for a new job that doesn’t require vaccines. But for many of them, that might not be an option,” Salenetri reported.

“Major corporations like Disney and Walmart say they will require COVID-19 vaccines for some employees,” Salenetri added. “In general, those fired for refusing can’t get unemployment.”

In most states, if you are fired for breaking company policies, you are barred from taking unemployment.

KHOU added that even being fired for something as simple as violating a company dress code is enough to deny your eligibility for unemployment.

So, if companies decide to make taking the experimental COVID vaccine a requirement — something all Democrats are pushing for — then you won’t get unemployment if you are fired for refusing to do so.

“We have received numerous inquiries from clients and potential clients about how courts are likely to view these situations,” Employment Attorney John T. Harrington told KHOU. “We’ve been advising them that if you have one of these two valid reasons to believe that you should be exempt from a vaccination requirement, you should assert them. But otherwise, companies are entitled to require that employees be vaccinated.”

It’s just another step in the left’s campaign to deperson you if you don’t bow to their wishes.

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This is so illegal. This is an experimental vaccine from which thousands of people have died and/or got life altering auto-immune diseases. People need to rise up and refuse this tyranny!

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