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California Reports Cases of ‘Delta-PLUS’ Variant, in Addition Already-Deadly ‘Delta’

The following article, California Reports Cases of ‘Delta-PLUS’ Variant, in Addition Already-Deadly ‘Delta’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Just as the nation was starting to get back into the swing of things, the delta variant of the coronavirus began spreading throughout the nation, freezing some of our recovery in its tracks.

This, of course, brought about a massive discussion regarding when, if ever, we’ll truly allow ourselves to declare victory over coronavirus, or if this is shaping up to be a forever-threat, the way that the flu or pneumonia is.

Because, if so, there are a great many Americans who are ready for the government to start treating COVID like these seasonal threats, and discontinue their knee-jerk precautionary overreactions.

But before we can even get an answer to that question, we now have new variants arriving weekly.  And, apparently, variants of variants too.

As the Delta variant of the coronavirus fuels an ongoing COVID wave, Bay Area health experts are keeping a close eye on yet another variant: Delta Plus.

“We believe that it’s at least as bad as Delta,” said Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California San Francisco.

“We don’t know if it’s even worse than Delta yet. When I say worse we think about number one: is it more transmissible? Number two, does it evade vaccines? And, number three, does it make you sicker?”

And the strain is spreading.

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has detected 46 cases of the Delta Plus mutation, according to their latest statistics. It is not the dominant strain in the area, however.

Santa Clara County provided KPIX with the following statement: “The County of Santa Clara is currently tracking the Delta variant, and the “Delta plus” variants on our dashboard. Cases of Delta-plus exist statewide and nationwide and there is currently not enough information on these particular variants to indicate whether they may be more concerning than the original Delta variant.”

There is also a long-worrisome “lambda” variant currently in circulation, although this viral varietal appears to still be largely international problem.

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fauci has already admitted there is no test for the variant and there are no symptoms. The only way you know if you have it is if the government tells you that you do.

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