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MyPillow CEO Pushes ‘Reinstatement’ Date Back Indefinitely, Blaming SCOTUS

The following article, MyPillow CEO Pushes ‘Reinstatement’ Date Back Indefinitely, Blaming SCOTUS, was first published on Flag And Cross.

For weeks now, the date of August 13th has meant something to the hardcore Trump supporters of America, but that could be changing.

Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO and close advisor to former President Donald Trump, had previously stated his belief that The Don would be “reinstated” to the presidency on or around that date.  The mainstream media likes to point out, of course, that there is neither precedent or a constitutional mechanism for this to occur, but the date has entered the QAnon mythos in spite of that.

Now, however, Lindell is blaming the Supreme Court for marring his plans, and has pushed his alleged “reinstatement” back indefinitely. 

Reached for comment Monday, Lindell admitted that his August timeline—which he had already suggested was elastic—might now be further delayed.

“We’ll be bringing our findings to the Supreme Court in late August or early September, some time after the cyber-symposium ends, and it proves it was an attack by China,” Lindell told The Daily Beast of non-existent election fraud, and an upcoming event devoted to the same. “When I gave my prediction about August, and that was several months ago, that was an estimate at the time. But it took so long to get this symposium set up. However long it takes for the Supreme Court to take it up and decide on this, I can’t predict that. I’m not the Supreme Court.”

Lindell previously based his prediction on a timeline that involved bringing pro-Trump cases before the Supreme Court in July. Those high-stakes cases never materialized.

Some had speculated previously that the Maricopa County, Arizona election audit may also conclude around that August date, which made for an interesting confluence among the conspiracy theorists.

And, despite Lindell’s adjustment, many pro-Trump online communities are continuing to discuss August 13th as a possibility.

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we can only hope and pray that this current nightmare ends………..SOON

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