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Dr. Fauci Doesn’t Think Wearing a Mask is a ‘Choice’ Anymore

The following article, Dr. Fauci Doesn’t Think Wearing a Mask is a ‘Choice’ Anymore, was first published on Flag And Cross.

You can’t spend more than a few minutes on social media these days without encountering an argument about the continued coronavirus crisis and, more specifically, whether or not anyone has the right to force us to wear a mask.

This is largely an issue of bodily sovereignty for those who’ve been vocal opponents of mask mandates, and many believe that the possibility of such a requirement could create a slippery slope for the government to go down.

But, with the delta variant having finally achieved its title of “2021 boogeyman of the year”, even the normally meager Dr. Anthony Fauci is turning tyrannical when it comes to the subject.

While the number of those cases driven by the more transmissible delta variant is not clear, the CDC advised in early July that the variant was likely the dominant strain in the U.S. The CDC once again advised masks whenever individuals are inside shared spaces, but many people have resisted the call to wear masks, saying they have a right to choose whether to wear one.

This is where the alarming language begins.

“I respectfully disagree with them,” Fauci said on ABC’s “This Week.” “There are things that are individual responsibilities that one has, and there are things that have to do with you individually which also impact others, and the spread of infection that we’re seeing now … is impacting everyone in the country.”

“Although you want to respect a person’s individual right, when you’re dealing with a public health situation, and we are in fact in a very serious public health challenge here … a person’s individual decision to not wear a mask not only impacts them … but you very well may infect another person who may be vulnerable,” he added.

The sentiment certainly won’t be a popular one among conservatives, who’ve already had a great deal of trepidation about Dr. Fauci’s advice.

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