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DeSantis Under Fire as Jacksonville Doc Pleads for COVID Help

The following article, DeSantis Under Fire as Jacksonville Doc Pleads for COVID Help, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Florida has long been a bastion of freedom during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Governor Ron DeSantis has been a large part of the reason why.

DeSantis has repeatedly shunned the possibility of trouncing freedom for security in the Sunshine State, exuding a sort of libertarian ethos on the subject of the coronavirus crisis.  Not only has he refused to enact any harsh COVID-related restrictions, but DeSantis has even gone so far as to pardon any Floridians who faced charges on account of such guidelines.

But now, as cases rise all across the state of Florida, one doctor in Jacksonville has a wild request for his governor.

The Duval County Medical Society Foundation president urged Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to declare a State of Emergency in regards to the spike in coronavirus cases in the state.

“Is it time for Governor to declare a state of emergency/public health emergency in Florida regarding COVID-19 hospitalizations with what we are seeing here? Yes,” Dr. Sunil Joshi tweeted Monday afternoon.

Joshi continued by saying hospitals need federal money and extra staff to deal with growing numbers of patients with COVID-19.

“Our hospitals, our hospital staff, the administration and every ancillary service is being overwhelmed with COVID patients,” Joshi told First Coast News. “That peak is happening at a much, much more steeper rate than it did at any time last year, and that is overwhelming our system.”

DeSantis is unlikely to act in such a way, however, having already staked his reputation on the idea that Florida will not succumb to fear in the face of the virus.

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