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Missouri Teachers Group Plotted to Keep Parents Unaware of Critical Race Theory in Schools

The following article, Missouri Teachers Group Plotted to Keep Parents Unaware of Critical Race Theory in Schools, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A group of Missouri teachers planning a school curriculum worked in secret with a leftist advocacy group to hide from parents their plan to expose kids to Critical Race Theory.

You have to wonder, if this anti-white, anti-American education plan is so wonderful, why do they have to lie and hide its existence from parents, and only expose the kids to it in secret, underhanded ways?

According to Yahoo News, the group of teachers were planning the curriculum for school in a suburban St. Louis school district. A video of some of these planning sessions was leaked on social media showing Francis Howell School District equity consultant LaGarrett J. King telling teachers that violence for social justice is good, white people are all evil, and teaching American history is meaningless to black people because all o American history is racist.

Per Yahoo:

During the webinar, King told the predominantly white team members that “This is not a safe space,” but rather a “racialized space,” because “In many ways a safe space is a space where white people tell us how not racist they are. And this is not that space.”

King said “the first thing we have to understand is that our social studies and our history curriculum is political and racist,” and “there is no such thing as neutral history.” He then asked the team members to question whether they are developing black history curriculums through the historical lens of the oppressor. “We have made those who have oppressed people, the oppressor, we have humanized them,” he said.

The nation’s founding “means nothing to black people,” he said, calling history “psychologically violent” but one-sided. He also seemed to justify violence in the name of racial justice.

“All of our wars was about freedom, violence,” King said. “But yet, when black people say, ‘Hey … we need to take over, man. We need to burn this place down, we need to do this, we need to do that.’ ‘Oh no, you should do non-violence to achieve freedom.’ It’s silly. It’s prejudice.”

Later in the video, several teachers admit that they teach that whites are evil but lament that many parents get upset when they find their kids regurgitating hate for whites and hate for America.

And these teachers say they teach in conservative communities.

Folks, just because you live in a conservative area, don’t think your fetid schools are not teaching this anti-American, woke garbage.

The goal of liberal teachers is to divide and tear down the U.S.A. and they will do it regardless of how conservative their local area might be.

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