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White House Now Working with Facebook to ‘Flag’ Certain Posts


The following article, White House Now Working with Facebook to ‘Flag’ Certain Posts, was first published on Flag And Cross.

One of the most heated debates that one can have about the First Amendment in the year 2021 has to do with social media, and where exactly the line between public space and private company exists.

You see, Facebook and others exist, and make their money, by using your content to draw eyes and clicks to their website. The behavior of those using the site is catalogued and sold to advertising firms so that they can better trick you into spending your money with them, all while these platforms then place these invasively-designed advertisement right next to the content that you produce.

So, is your content in the “public space”, where the First Amendment is expressly inalienable, or is it under the control of a private company who works outside of governmental or public space?

This debate is about to get supercharged, as the White House suggests that they are now involved in the process that Facebook uses to monitor content.

The Office of the Surgeon General has upped its tracking of “disinformation” related to the coronavirus pandemic on social media platforms, the press secretary said during a press briefing.

“We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation. We’re working with doctors and medical experts…who are popular with their audience with accurate information,” she said. “So, we’re helping get trusted content out there.”

Facebook says that they’ve recently deleted over 12 million posts for such an offense, specifically on the subject of the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccines available to the public.


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It worked in Nazi Germany, it worked in Stalin’s Russia, and it’s working in china and every other Socialist Country! Now the Leftist Democrats are instituting it here in the United states! It means they intend to control the Narrative and what information you are allowed to have! Does anyone wonder what it all means to our Constitution?


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