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POLL: American Voters Yearning for More Police in the Streets

The following article, POLL: American Voters Yearning for More Police in the Streets, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Americans have been having a long, hard conversation of late, as to what exactly the role of police in the United States should be.  This, after a number of high profile instances of police brutality were broadcast to the world at large, many of them gruesome in nature.

And yes, there are bad cops.  That’s undeniable.  There are also bad doctors.  And bad journalists.  And bad elected officials.  All of whom can cause a great deal of chaos on their own.

But Americans feel particularly betrayed by acts of poor policing, largely on account of the way many departments are built by the community that surrounds them.  We still have a very strong dedication to law enforcement, and we want the situation to improve, not disappear.

That is likely part of the reason why a new poll show that US voters want more police in the streets.

A Hill-HarrisX poll released Wednesday shows more voters want to boost police numbers in their communities rather than diminish them.

Forty-four percent of registered voters in the July 8-9 survey said they want more police and policing activity in their community, the Hill reports.

By contrast, just seven percent of respondents said they want less police in their area while 50 percent said they want the same amount of police.

A majority of Hispanic voters, 54 percent, want more police in their community along with 46 percent of white voters and 29 percent of black voters, an outcome that runs against the perceived support for the Black Lives Matter movement and its defund the police cohorts.

The poll arrives as criminal activity in the US is rising, especially in metropolitan areas like Chicago and New York.

Many precincts found themselves wholly understaffed during the height of last summer’s race protests, as officers walked away in solidarity with their colleagues who may have been treated unfairly.

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