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Lego Goes After Gun Manufacturer’s ‘Block 19’ Pistol

The following article, Lego Goes After Gun Manufacturer’s ‘Block 19’ Pistol, was first published on Flag And Cross.

It’s one thing when an aspiring politician or hormone-addled college student starts virtue signaling, as we know that this is all part of an attraction ritual.  The politician wants to be on whatever side of history that most voters want them to be on.  The college student is trying to make sure that their potential mates witness just how just they truly are.

But when companies start virtue signaling, this is a different ballgame altogether.  They are trying to make sure that they are worthy of your wallet, and, more so, they want to make sure that you see them as far more virtuous than their competitors.

It’s inherently icky, is what I’m getting at, and Lego has been at the forefront of this sort of corporate competition for political correctness.

This week, they wanted to make sure that their consumers knew how they felt about the Second Amendment.

The kids toy giant Lego is demanding Utah’s Culper Precision cease producing handguns that look as if they were made from Lego toys.

BBC reports that Culper Precision does custom work on Austrian-designed Glock 19 pistols. Culper Precision refers to its custom Glock 19 as the “Block 19.”

Culper Precision noted that it came up with the idea of the gun as part of an effort to “highlight the pure enjoyment of the shooting sports.”

But the Danish company Lego demanded Culper Precision cease making the pistols, as they are “covered in what looks like Lego bricks.”

The firearm is brilliantly clever.

This isn’t the first time that Lego has gone after conservative values, either.

The company also sent legal notices to a company that had created and packed a “build the wall” toy-brick set back in 2018.

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Lego is not making a comment about the gun but needs to protect their trademark. This is a standard business practice that many big companies pursue as part of their ordinary business dealings. Examples of companies that have worked hard to protect their trademarks are amongst many others: Xerox, Google, and Kleenex. When a brand name becomes part of the vernacular, the value of that name diminishes. Thus a company with a good name wants to protect it as much as possible.

John Sullivan

I am a staunch supporter of the first amendment and have advocated no restrictions on lawful ownership and carry of firearms. But I also support gun safety and education and against making a handgun look like a toy that could be found and sued by a child.

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