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All Star Game Massacre Thwarted After Maid Discovers Obscene Weapons Cache Overlooking Stadium

The following article, All Star Game Massacre Thwarted After Maid Discovers Obscene Weapons Cache Overlooking Stadium, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Americans have witnessed a number of unfathomable mass shootings over the course of the last few year, with a vast majority of those incident being directly related to mental health issues experienced by the perpetrators.

No, guns are not the issue here, despite what you might hear from the liberal left.

Those who decide to maim or kill with guns would certainly do the same had guns not been available, perhaps with knives, vehicles, or worse.  This fact tends to taint the logic of the Democrats’ anti-gun argument, however, so you’re not likely to hear such in the mainstream media.

This week, a clearly dangerous situation was noticed by hotel workers in Colorado, and it may have saved us all from another massacre committed by the mentally ill.

A hotel maid is being hailed for her role in preventing what police fear could have been a “Las Vegas style shooting” at the upcoming MLB All-Star Game in Denver, a report said Saturday.

The housekeeper tipped off cops after she found more than a dozen weapons and 1,000 rounds of ammunition at a hotel near Coors Field Friday, according to ABC7 Denver.

The alarming discovery was made inside a room on the eight floor of the Maven Hotel, just two blocks from the mile-high ballpark that is hosting the “Midsummer Classic” Tuesday, the station said.

The cache was significant.

Cops removed 16 long guns, body armor, and ammo from the room, which had a balcony overlooking Denver’s downtown, the outlet reported.

The scene was reminiscent of the 2017 Las Vegas massacre, in which a clearly deranged individual fired hundreds of rounds into a musicologists festival crowd from his luxury hotel suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

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It’s certainly possible that was the intent of the people involved, but to claim a massacre was “thwarted” by anyone is hype. At this point no one has any proof of that. Nevertheless, I wonder what these people looked like – muslims? blacks? Bernie supporters? Chinese Communists? Were they wearing MAGA hats? (Obviously not, or the media would be shouting that Trump made them do it). The fact that nothing has been said about the color, ethnicity, Vote for Hillary shirts, or any other identifying characteristics, it is probably some minority group which will go nameless until it finally leaks… Read more »

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