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Journalist Gets Roasted Over Cringe-Inducing ‘Grilling isn’t Good’ Piece

The following article, Journalist Gets Roasted Over Cringe-Inducing ‘Grilling isn’t Good’ Piece, was first published on Flag And Cross.

There are plenty of patriotic American holidays in which we need to temper our celebrations a bit, and remind ourselves exactly why we’ve designated these special days for observance.  Veterans Day and Memorial Day often come to mind in this regard, with the latter often being mistaken for an excuse to drink cold beer and eat hamburgers.

But the Fourth of July is a celebration.  This is the big one.  There’s nothing too somber about it.  Independence Day is an all out celebration of our nation’s birth, and the promise of freedom that comes with it.

So, yes, we will be cracking open any number of yellow, fizzy pilsners, and we are most certainly going to do some gorging on hot dogs.  And unapologetically, I might add.

This, despite a cringeworthy attempt at being “edgy” by a Business Insider columnist looking for some clicks.

Business Insider columnist Josh Barro prepared for July 4 weekend by declaring that “grilling is bad,” but critics swiftly condemned his opinion on the beloved American pastime.

The column, “Admit it: Grilling is bad,” was published on Thursday as Americans across the nation prepared for Independence Day barbeques.

“Who doesn’t like a backyard barbecue? Me, that’s who,” Barro wrote. “There’s a reason you do most of your cooking inside: Grills are impossible to keep clean, they lack good temperature control, and they make worse food than what you can prepare in your kitchen.”

His opinions reeked of attention-mongering.

Barro went on to call it “stupid” that grills have a heating element underneath the food because he is alarmed by grease that could possibly drip down and cause a flare-up. A broiler is a “superior tool,” he wrote.

“You secretly agree with me about grilling,” Barro added. “You may talk a good game about how you like to grill, but where do you do most of your cooking? Almost surely in the kitchen, where cooking is easier and cleaner and produces more consistent results.”

Barro got charred by critics.

Tim Young nailed it directly on the head:

Perhaps the desperate author could write another piece next year about how much he despises fireworks, puppies, and grandmothers.


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