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Don Jr. Takes Nasty Swipe at Manhattan DA After Weisselberg Charged

The following article, Don Jr. Takes Nasty Swipe at Manhattan DA After Weisselberg Charged, was first published on Flag And Cross.

For many on the outside looking in, there appears to be a concerted effort among Americans of a Democratic persuasion, to completely cancel Donald Trump before he can reinsert himself into the American political process.

Nowhere has this been more obvious than in New York City, where a local district attorney has made it their mission to sully the name of the former President and everything he’s involved in.  The latest iteration of this sentiment came in the form of 15 charges against Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, over what prosecutors allege is a large-scale tax-evasion scheme.

Appearing on Fox News, Donald Trump Jr. took an ugly shot at the Manhattan DA, insisting that the entire situation was a political hit job.

“[I]s this what they promised the American people?” Trump said. “This isn’t. This is a farce. It’s a disgrace that they spent millions of dollars and years. Instead of prosecuting actual murderous thugs on the streets of New York, they go after their political enemies. And if we’re going to pretend for one second, this is anything other than a witch hunt that they can get away with it, because where do you go, Jesse? To another leftist judge in New York who’s going to says, you know what, I don’t care, go after your political enemies.”

“This is going on in America right now,” he continued. “This is banana republic stuff, and if our press was even a little bit intellectually honest, they’d be calling at that because this is not the storyline that they have been sold and told by the AG and the DA over the last few years. This is nonsense, and it has to be called out as such.”

Trump Sr. has expressed similar views of the situation as well, suggesting that this entire investigation is motivated by hopes of keeping him from returning to the campaign trail.

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