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Louisiana Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Strengthen Second Amendment

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The following article, Louisiana Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Strengthen Second Amendment, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The left’s war against guns continues this week, as a Democratic governor uses his veto power to prevent a bolstering of the Second Amendment in the deep south.

It is obvious that the Democrats understand that the right to bear arms will never be repealed or abolished.  The prospect is simply too messy.  Literally.  Can anyone imagine the utter bloodshed that would occur if the government began sending goons door-to-door to pick up firearms?

Never going to happen.

So, instead, the left will attempt to make it harder, more expensive, and utterly annoying to own or carry a firearm.

The latest from Louisiana is no exception.

Louisiana’s Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed constitutional carry legislation on Friday.

The Daily Advertiser noted that Edwards vetoed the legislation, Senate Bill 118, claiming current state law requiring law-abiding citizens to get a permit “strikes the right balance.”

State Sen. Jay Morris (R) sponsored the legislation. He responded to Edwards’ veto by saying, “I certainly can’t say it’s a surprise; the governor has been clear all along. But I’m still disappointed. This bill is for law-abiding and freedom-loving citizens.”

Morris expressed hope that legislators will work to overcome Edwards’ opposition and secure constitutional carry anyway.

The NRA wasn’t ready to give up without a fight, however.

The NRA tweeted: “Your NRA is going to STAND and FIGHT back against this UNNECESSARY veto. Louisianans: Contact your Reps and Senator’s ASAP and make sure they support an override session and an override.”

Nearly half of the states in the nation already allow for constitutional carry, which, for many Second Amendment experts, is the most pure expression of the inalienable right that there is.

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tom s

You legal ‘voters’ of Louisiana had better throw out these dems/liberal politicians unless you are willing to be the ‘subjects’ of the on-coming socialists who intend to be your emperor and completely control your life.

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