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Iowa School Teacher Says Americans are Racist and Wants the Pledge of Allegiance Canceled

The following article, Iowa School Teacher Says Americans are Racist and Wants the Pledge of Allegiance Canceled, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Videos from Iowa high school teacher Megan Geha have gone viral after people were shocked with her claims that America is racist, and she wants the school to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Geha, a special education teacher at Des Moines, Iowa’s East High School, posted the videos attacking people who oppose left-wing, anti-white Critical Race Theory (CRT) and complaining about having to recite the Pledge, among other issues.

On one of the videos, a clearly unhinged Geha can be seen carping about the recent law signed by Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) banning CRT in public schools.

“My governor has put into place some ridiculous legislation that many governors have put into place such as I can’t teach anything divisive, I can’t teach critical race theory, and I can’t teach about racial equity,” the out-of-breath woman screeches in one video. “So, teachers, in the past we’ve been activists, and after this shitshow of last year, we really need to stand up and do what’s right for our kids now. This is a call to action. We need to stand up and fight for our kids, because this is bullshit.”

In a second video, this anti-white, anti-American nut told viewers how much she hates the Pledge of Allegiance.

“The other thing that my governor has mandated for next year is that every classroom — it’s mandatory that we all have an American flag, and it is mandatory that we all do the Pledge of Allegiance every morning,” she said. “You’re going to be hearing from me a lot next year.”

In another she crowed that she doesn’t have to tell students who she voted for because she festoons her classroom with extremist, left-wing signs and banners.

“Fifty-one percent of my students are Latinx, and many of them are undocumented and many more have parents who are undocumented,” she said. “When they come into my classroom and see signs that say ‘No human is illegal,’ they don’t need to know who I voted for. … When my black students come into my classroom and see my BLM posters, I don’t need to tell them. When my LGBTQ+ students come in and see my pride flag, I don’t need to tell them.”

It’s clear, she added, that she has decided to “vote for whoever is on the side of fighting for human rights.”

So, here is a question for this hate-filled cretin: WHY do you think all these “undocumented” people are coming here, Mz Ghea? Is it because America is filled with hate and oppression for them? Hardly.

These are the scumbags our schools are infested with, America.

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Lesta Little
Lesta Little

Fire this communist America hating traitorist teacher

tom s

“Cancel” this un-American poor excuse for a ‘teacher’. Obviously a communist pretending to be a American.

King Fisher

I wouldn’t allow a child of mine in the same room with this repugnant “thing.”

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