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Republicans Do Better on Citizenship Test than Democrats, But Most Voters Fail

The following article, Republicans Do Better on Citizenship Test than Democrats, But Most Voters Fail, was first published on Flag And Cross.

A review of answers on a citizenship test finds that Republicans do far better than Democrats, but most eligible voters still fail to get a passing grade.

The study released this week by MOXY, a private organization whose goal is to help us learn about our democracy, reviewed the answers of more than 1,000 Americans in a survey taken between May 28 and June 2.

The survey included the questions asked of new Americans seeking to gain U.S. citizenship. But only 42 percent of the respondents passed the test.

MOXT found that Republicans did better than Democrats with 44 percent of Republicans getting a passing grade while only 35 percent of Democrats passed. However, independents did better with 54 percent passing.

“The combination of twenty potential questions, along with the multiple-choice format of the questions — with the (discouraged) ability to reference external materials, makes the survey version of the test less difficult to achieve a passing score. Therefore, the reader of this report should take into account that performance on the actual test would likely have resulted in lower scores,” MOXY wrote.

“Abundantly clear through the entire study, is that Americans’ knowledge and awareness of civics and U.S. history falls short of expectations, especially given the fact that their concerns, frustrations and skepticism of government runs quite high,” the group added.

Fortunately, those seeking citizenship do far better than native-bon Americans. According to the federal government, 91 percent of those seeking to become naturalized citizens pass the test.

To gain citizenship, applicants must correctly answer six out of ten questions in an oral test.

Cesar Melgoza, the founder of MOXY, told Townhall that Americans fail to learn about American civics and all too often citizens are voting without the proper knowledge behind their decisions.

Melgoza also insisted that if Americans took the time to learn more about our civics, we would not be misled as much by lies on social media.

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