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University Professor Tells Parents to Let Children Become Sex Workers to ‘Teach Capitalism’

The following article, University Professor Tells Parents to Let Children Become Sex Workers to ‘Teach Capitalism’, was first published on Flag And Cross.

According to University of Ottawa professor Naomi Sayers, parents should let their kids do sex work on the weekends because it will teach them about capitalism.

Sayers was responding to the Twitter thread of an immigrant named Jordan Kong who suggested that parents let their kids work on weekends because by taking part time jobs they can begin to learn a whole list of skills including responsibility, dealing with other people, and principles of money.

But Sayers had other ideas of what kids could learn with weekend work. She felt that kids should become prostitutes.

Sayers went on to insist that sex work teaches capitalism because it is “shitty” work.

She went on:

“[S]ex work means you can take on the jobs you want to take on and avoid having to put yourself into s—-y job prospects … because capitalism.”

“People out here saying young people can be exploited in sex work. Literally, that’s capitalism Lol.”

“And saying young people should be working retail, or McDonalds or other low wage work that pays unliveable wages (literally exploitation)… That’s exploitation. That’s how capitalism works.”

Then she went into a deeper attack on capitalism.

“Also, if you really want young people to not be exploited, provide them with liveable wages, access to safe housing, clean water, free education. Literally. Abolish capitalism.”

This woman is quite a treat, isn’t she?

After Sayers riled people with her proclamations, the nut’s publicist tried to dissuade people from thinking Sayers is actually a professor at the U of Ottawa.

Campus Reform reports Naomi’s publicist has “insisted Sayers has no relation with the University of Ottawa as a professor.” However, her LinkedIn profile credits her as an adjunct professor at the school, December 2020-May 2021, teaching “Colonialism, Territory & Treaties at UOttawa’s Institute of Indigenous Research and Studies.” Additionally, the Ontario Paralegal Association’s website lists “Naomi Sayers, Lawyer, adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa” as a panelist for a May 31st Discussion on Advocacy as part of the OPA and TriOS College CPD Series. And Theorg.com features a photo of Naomi with the caption “Naomi Sayers is on the Board of Directors at YWCA Toronto. Naomi is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa.” Campus Reform says it’s awaiting a response from the University of Ottawa. An update will be provided once more is known.

Whatever she does or doesn’t do for a living, she is a nutcase.

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