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Pelosi Threatens ‘Power’ Move with Independent Jan. 6 Commission

The following article, Pelosi Threatens ‘Power’ Move with Independent Jan. 6 Commission, was first published on Flag And Cross.

One of the most vicious arguments that we’ve been hearing in Washington today is regarding the events of January 6th, and just what sort of information is left to be discovered regarding that fateful day.

On the right side of the aisle there is great trepidation about making a public, political spectacle of any further investigations into the attempted insurrection at the Capitol.  The reason being is that Donald Trump still holds a great deal of weight within the Republican Party, and the Democrats would have plenty of ammunition to glean from such a probe.

The Democrats, of course, want a chance to re-adjudicate Donald Trump’s potential “incitement” of the incident, trying to hammer it home before the midterms and the 2024 election, too.

After the GOP effectively shut down any chance of there being a congressional “commission” to explore the subject, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is threatening drastic action.

While speaking to Dana Bash on CNN:

Pelosi said, “A week ago I was asked to give it another week. So I’ll see by Monday if the Senate believes that they could — those who are working in a bipartisan way can get three more votes.”

Bash said, “Assuming the commission doesn’t pass, are you saying by Monday, which is tomorrow, you’ll announce a select committee?”

Pelosi responded, “No, I’m not going to announce anything tomorrow. I want to see what their response is and then review it with my conference.”

Bash said, “It sounds like you’re getting closer to it.”

Pelosi said, “It’s an option, and everybody knows the power of the Speaker to do that. So I would hope that that would motivate them to say, let’s go a different place. But the question arises, what the Republicans in the Senate are so afraid of the truth? Why are they so afraid of the truth?”

Pelosi’s flexing certainly won’t frighten Mitch McConnell, however, who has grown incredibly bold and boisterous in his defense of former President Donald Trump as of late.

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