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Investigators Discover Nearly 4,000 Human Bone Fragments at Notorious Alleged Serial Killer’s Home

The following article, Investigators Discover Nearly 4,000 Human Bone Fragments at Notorious Alleged Serial Killer's Home, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Mexican authorities say they have recently discovered 3,787 bone fragments under the house of a suspected serial killer on the outskirts of Mexico City.

The findings come after the suspect was caught last month because of the most recent alleged victim was married to a police commander, according to The Associated Press.

The alleged killer was supposed to have accompanied the commander’s wife on a shopping trip the day of her disappearance.

When the police commander obtained video surveillance of the alleged victim entering the suspect’s street but not leaving it, he traveled to the home and found his wife’s body dismembered.

According to an additional report from the AP, the suspect admitted to a few of the murders upon his arrest, but remained silent after further questioning.

“He says there are five that he remembers, but then when they showed him the notebooks [with lists of names] he says he doesn’t remember,” said Sergio Baltazar, the lawyer for the family of the most recent alleged victim.

“He does say he made recordings” of the slayings, according to the lawyer.

Investigators say they found women’s clothing and voter IDs, along with video footage and audio potentially indicating the killer documented his victims.

Prosecutors also indicated that they found a total of 91 photographs, 28 8 millimeter videotapes, 25 VHS cassettes, eight cellphones, and women’s jewelry and makeup during the search. Many of the possessions belonged to people who went missing years ago, suggesting the suspect may have been killing for quite some time.

Authorities estimate that the bone fragments could belong to 17 different victims.

But the State of Mexico believes that the search may expand further.

The initial findings occurred after authorities dug up the floors on which the alleged killer lived.

The search is now expected to expand to other rooms that the suspect rented out.

Investigators discovered bone fragments beneath the concrete floors, suggesting that the suspect allegedly hacked the victims into tiny pieces.

Identified as “Andres” by prosecutors, the suspect was formerly a butcher.

“The bones fragments are being subjected to ‘lateralization’ studies, which include carefully cleaning each one, identifying what part of the body they are and then placing them in their anatomical position, providing a method for determining the approximate number of victims,” Mexican authorities said in a statement. “This analysis indicates that, up to now, the bone fragments found may possibly be those of 17 people.”

Mexican laws protect the identity of the 72-year-old alleged perpetrator.

Still, the suspect is expected to stand trial for the killing of his most recent alleged victim.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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