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Lazy Teachers Find New Reason Not to Teach, Claim Pandemic ‘Exhausted’ Them

The following article, Lazy Teachers Find New Reason Not to Teach, Claim Pandemic ‘Exhausted’ Them, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Lazy union teachers have found yet another reason not to reopen the schools and are saying they need even more time off because the pandemic made them too tired to return to the classroom.

Teachers union socialists are now claiming that this newest reason not to go back to work should be accepted because the problems with remote teaching has driven them to the breaking point.

Oh, those poor, poor babies.

According to Yahoo News, many of these lazy teachers claim they have “anxiety” that is something like PTSD.

“One of the most consistent narratives you’ve probably heard over the past year is [that] teachers who are stuck in these hybrid situations feel like they’re doing justice neither to the students who are in the school room, physically present, nor to the students who are at home via some sort of remote, virtual instruction,” Henry Seton, a ninth-grade English teacher at KIPP Columbus High School in Columbus, Ohio, told Yahoo News. “Juggling the two of those is no joke.”

Seton, who has written articles on teaching and mental health, said that the pandemic’s disruption to in-person education was the main factor in his decision to take the year off.

The same, he said, was true of many of his colleagues.

Teachers he has spoken with, Seton said, described the “increased secondary trauma for teachers, just increasingly working with students who are living through trauma brought on by COVID, whether specifically sickness or death or economic casualties in their family.”

Are these people serious?

They want us to feel sorry for them?

THEIR leaders destroyed our children’s education for nearly two years. THEY fully agreed with destroying our children’s futures. Worse, as the rest of us lost our jobs (and many are soon to lose their homes once rent/mortgage moratoriums end), these people continued enjoying all their salaries and benefits.

Now they want us to feel sorry for them that are “stressed out” despite their cushy jobs and loss-free incomes.

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Can these teachers be fired for refusing to return to work? This union needs to be broken up and stopped. It is obvious they care nothing about the children who are losing out.

Gary Lee
Gary Lee

No problem! if you’re “exhausted” take a long unpaid leave of absence until you’re un-exhausted”!

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